Concrete Polishing & Staining

Whether you have an existing floor that is in need of concrete resurfacing, or you are constructing a brand new building, concrete polishing is the perfect flooring option. Easy to maintain, durable, and beautiful; polished concrete is a great fit for any commercial or industrial application from restaurants to warehouses to manufacturing facilities.

An environmentally friendly process that counts towards a number of LEED-NC points:

Optimize Energy Performance – Concrete’s thermal mass can reduce a building’s heating and cooling loads. Highly reflective floors can decrease energy consumption by reducing the use of internal lighting. (EA Credit 1)

Building Reuse – Polishing the existing concrete eliminates the need for new flooring materials to cover the old concrete.

Material Reuse – Instead of replacing old flooring materials such as epoxy or tile, the existing slab can be reused by polishing the concrete. (MR Credit 3.1, 3.2)

Recycled Content – Using suitable concrete additives will increase the recycled content of new concrete. (MR Credit 4.1, 4.2)

Low Emitting Materials – The concrete polishing process results in little to no VOC’s and does not require strippers or waxes.

Innovation in Design – Polished concrete has a long life cycle, improves the environmental quality of the building, and has a low environmental impact over its lifetime.

The Polished Maintenance Process

Coating Removal

First, steps are taken to remove any remaining sealer, VCT, glue or epoxy that is left on the floor.


Passes are made with Metal Bond Diamond to bring the concrete to a uniform finish.


A densifier is added during the process to increase the abrasion resistance of the floor and to eliminate dusting on concrete.


Resin Bond Diamonds are used to polish the floor to the customer’s required level of gloss.


Penetrating dyes can be added during the polishing steps to give concrete a particular color. Multiple colors and saw cuts can be used to create unique designs.


A penetrating sealer is not necessary but can be added to protect from highly acidic, or harsh chemicals that can stain or etch concrete.

Click here to download Polished Maintenance Architectural Spec’s.

Penetrating Dyes

Polished Maintenance uses Ameripolish penetrating dyes on its polishing projects. Colors below may not turn out exactly the same depending on the specific nature of your concrete. Multiple colors can be used to create unique designs or logos on the floor. Please contact us for more information regarding our decorative capabilities.