Residential Concrete Polishing

Polished Maintenance provides the best looking polished concrete floors. This extends past large businesses to your personal home! We are the top residential concrete polishing company in North Carolina. 

With over 30 years of concrete polishing and floor maintenance experience, we are the perfect for all of your residential concrete polishing needs!

At Polished Maintenance, we offer customized options for each project including gloss level, color choices for staining. We go above and beyond just doing the work to make your floors really pop, we can also recommend a design specifically for your new construction project. 

Why should you consider a residential concrete polishing project?

– Increase home value!

– Have beautiful floors that become a conversation topic!

– Make your floors more durable!

At Polished Maintenance, we have valuable experience to meet our customers precise specifications and high expectations. 


DON’T FORGET – We offer floor care products designed for polished concrete floors!!!! Click below for a FREE quote!

North Carolina residential Concrete Polishing