Whether you are revamping the office or giving your home a fresh look, the kind of flooring you use can make or break the design of your space. Polished concrete is one of the most popular flooring choices out there today, and no one does it better than Polished Maintenance. Here’s what sets Polished Maintenance apart as the top choice for concrete polishing:

 – We offer both residential and commercial polishing. Wanting to spruce up your home with new flooring? We’ve got you covered. Looking to give your office space a more professional and sleek style? Look no further. Using concrete polishing not only makes your floors last longer, but it can also increase the value of your space! With a wide variety of customizable options from colors to gloss level, we’ll provide you with a floor perfectly suited to make your home or office shine.

– Our process is eco-friendly! Here are some quick facts about our environmentally-friendly process:

– Concrete polishing reuses existing concrete, which eliminates the need for new flooring materials.

– Polished concrete is very durable, meaning a longer life cycle and less maintenance over time.

– By using concrete additives in our process, we increase the amount of recycled content in the new concrete.

– You can choose from over 20 different polishing colors to make your floors pop! From forest green to chocolate brown, find the color that best matches your style and adds something special to your space.

– In addition to the initial polishing, we also offer a variety of maintenance options to help keep your floors in good shape:

– Full re-polish

– Repair of cracks, joints, and discoloration

– Stain removal

– Floor care products designed specifically for polished concrete

Whatever your needs, we can create a custom maintenance plan that’s right for you!

At Polished Maintenance, we have over 3 decades of experience providing clients with excellent service. We take pride in our high quality polishing and maintenance services that have kept our clients happy for so long. Take the first step towards owning a beautiful space by contacting us today for a quote!