Our process ensures the highest quality polished concrete floors for our customers. How exactly does concrete polishing work? Read on to learn about how we provide our customers with beautiful flooring for their homes and companies:

  1. Coating Removal: The first step in the process is getting your floors ready to be polished. In order to be able to give your floors that shiny new look, we have to first remove any sealer, VCT, glue, or epoxy that is on the original flooring.
  2. Grinding: We use a Metal Bond Diamond to create a uniform and even finish on the concrete.
  3. Densification: We then add a densifying agent. This increases the durability of the floors and helps decrease dusting on the concrete. Densification helps ensure your polished concrete will last longer and maintain its beautiful look!
  4. Polishing: We customize your floors to fit your exact needs, and that includes the level of gloss we use on your polished concrete. Depending on the gloss level needed for the project, we then use Resin Bond Diamonds to polish the floors to the appropriate level.
  5. Dying: In addition to gloss level, another custom option we offer at Polished Maintenance is dying. If you would like your floors to have a specific color (or multiple colors), we will add a penetrating dye during the process. Choose from our array of dye colors including Midnight Black, Burnt Sienna, and Patriot Blue to add some pop to the room!
  6. Sealing: Want to add some extra protection to your floors? While not required, we can add a penetrating sealer once they are finished. This special sealer helps protect your floors from acidic or harsh chemicals that can stain concrete.

We want you to be able to enjoy your floors for a very long time, so we also offer maintenance services to help keep them looking brand new! In addition to the initial concrete polishing, we provide maintenance services for anything from light restoration to full re-polishing. Contact us today to learn more about adding polished concrete to your space!